Why improve your WordPress websites speed?

Having a fast website is essential to your website success. No one likes a slow loading website, not you, your visitors or Google. Improving your website’s loading time can make your visitors happier, and can increase conversions. It can also help improve your search engine ranking, as Google loves fast sites.

Latest speed optimisation results

Before speed optimisation

Speed Test Before - 3.2s load time

After speed optimisation

Speed Test After - 1.8s load time

Before speed optimisation

Speed Test Before - 2.5s on load time

After speed optimisation

Speed Test - After - 1second onload time

Before speed optimisation

Speed Test before work was carried out

After speed optimisation

What’s included?

There are two types of services available, a speed evaluation report and a speed optimisation service.

Both services involve thorough testing of your website, to locate speed-related issues and find any possible slow downs.

The speed evaluation will offer tailored advice on how to fix these issues and maintain your page speed. With the Speed Optimisation service, I’ll perform this work for you as well as thoroughly testing multiple solutions to ensure you get the best speed results possible by ensuring the optimisations carried out are tailored for your website.

Speed optimisation is an on-going process and my web speed optimisation service aims to fix your current issues, giving you the biggest performance increase possible. The advice on how to maintain your page speed will help you maintain this, and possibly improve it further with optional changes.

No two websites are the same. So to ensure you get the best possible results for your website, my speed optimsiation work is tailored towards your website and it’s WordPress configuration. Ensuring that you are getting a speed optimisation solution that works best with your theme, plugins, and webhost.

Delivery times:

Speed Evaluations are normally delivered within 5 working days, and Speed Optimisations are normally completed within 5 to 7 working days. Subject to slot availability. If your order is urgent, please contact me confirm availability.

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT for EU customers. If you have an EU VAT number, you do not need to pay VAT. Otherwise, VAT will be calculated at checkout based on your countries VATable rate.  

WordPress speed evaluation
$75 / £59.99*
Pricing is plus VAT for EU customers, calculated at your local VATable rate.
Thoroughly testing your website to find the issues
A report detailing the issues
Suggestions on what fixes can be made
Advice on how to improve your websites speed
A coupon offering a $50/£40 discount on the full speed optimisation service
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WordPress Speed Optimisation
$299 / £239*
Pricing is plus VAT for EU customers, calculated at your local VATable rate.

Already purchased the evaluation? Receive a $50/£40 discount.

Detailed Before & After Report?
WordPress Core & Database Optimisation
Apache/Nginx/Litespeed Optimisation?
Cache, HTML, CSS, Javascript & Other Script Optimisations?
PHP 7.0+ Configuration?
Image Optimisation?
Web font optimisation?
Cloudflare & CDN Configuration?
Advice on maintaining your page speed
and more!
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